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The Reason More Adults Are Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

It’s no longer the case that orthodontic treatment is exclusively for children and teens; today 1 in 5 patients is an adult. Research has...

The health benefits of cabbage

Cabbage may just be your regular vegetable that can be used in different types of meals. But aside from a delicious addition to a...

[Infographic] How to avoid colds and flu’s and keep the germs at bay!

  Great little infographic depicting all you need to know about keeping healthy and fit this flu season.

Europe’s 2011 E. Coli Outbreak

E. coli or Escherichia coli are a bacterium that can be found in the gut of both humans and animals. While many strains are...

Symptoms and Solutions For Your Summer of Hayfever

Hay fever sufferers will notice that this year has been a breeze. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the dreaded symptoms of spring and summer...