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[Infographic] How to avoid colds and flu’s and keep the germs at bay!

  Great little infographic depicting all you need to know about keeping healthy and fit this flu season.

Cervical cancer – is there a vaccine for this?

Cervical cancer is caused by several types Human papillomavirus or HPV. Aside from cervical cancer, HPV can cause other problems as well such as...
portrait of a woman

The Non-Surgical Aesthetics Clinic Going The Extra Mile

The global non-surgical aesthetics market is predicted to grow to £5.1 billion by 2020, with many of us favouring less invasive and faster acting...

Healthy smile: porcelain crowns

A crown is an ideal dental product for those patients who want to restore the look of their teeth. It is also used to...

Macrolane for instant breast enhancement

Now you can have the breast you always wanted. You can have a bigger and fuller breast after a 15 minute procedure where the...