Ab Belt Review: Does electric toning equipment work?

With summer looming and many of us wanting to look good in swim wear, we look for ways to get toned muscles. Many turn to the gym for a quick fix and hope that they can lose any excess pounds the month before. While you may lose some weight and gain some muscle it’s not possible to get toned and slim that quickly is it?

Ab belts are relatively new devices that allow you to get fit without exercise. The system works by sending small electric shocks to the muscle making them contract. A user simply has to place the belt around their stomach, select how much weight they want to lose and then push a button. The companies state that within a month you will see a noticeable difference to your physical appearance.

The market leaders for this technology are Slendertone & Bodi-tek who provide belts that range from £30 to over £100. The more advanced belts contain technology to select different amounts of shock and all belts have replaceable pads to make sure they don’t rub.

The main question on your mind is probably do they work? The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no. The belts have been proven to work by the company’s thousands of satisfied customers although the company’s’ suggest you lose weight first.  If you have a slim physic and want to simply tone your muscles these machines should work well for you. If you have a shapelier figure then we would suggest that you eat healthy foods, exercise and then use the belts with your daily routine.

What about the rest of the body?

The companies have also released versions of the product for your arms and even your neck. In theory with these products you could lose the beer belly, flabby arms and double chin and be a new person within a few months.

We suggest that if you do want to use these machines please exercise, eat healthy and only use them a few times a week. It is hard to see any long term issues these machines could cause as they haven’t been available for long.

If you have used an ab belt let us know your thoughts below.


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