Alternatives To A Surgical Facelift

Whilst there's no denying that a surgical facelift is a great way to get firmer, tighter, younger looking skin, it isn't without its downsides. It's an invasive, surgical procedure which means your skin will take time to heal, and there's always the risk of complications such as scarring.

For some women, alternative non-surgical procedures or treatments are a better option, and we’ve rounded up some of the best treatments out there for smoother, brighter, younger looking skin (sometimes in less than an hour!)

Injectable fillers

Injectable fillers such as Botox have hit the headlines across the globe in recent years as women and men of all ages turn to them as a ‘quick fix’ for wrinkles. Botox helps to control facial muscle movements, relaxing the muscles which cause wrinkling around our eyes, mouth and forehead when we smile or frown.

Botox is such a popular treatment as it makes skin appear instantly younger and smoother and is much less invasive than a surgical facelift – you could have treatments carried out in your lunch hour.

Thread lift

This type of lift is a popular alternative to a full surgical facelift, and although it may sound uncomfortable and a bit unusual, it’s actually quite a common treatment. Very fine thread is inserted into the face using a needle, and then moved and adjusted by a doctor to tighten and firm the skin. Because it’s minimally invasive, there’s no downtime, healing process or risk of scarring with a thread lift.


Often known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’, Thermage is a totally non-invasive procedure which can provide excellent results. Using capacitive radio frequency (CRF) which draws collagen to surface of the skin, Thermage creates a firmer, smoother appearance and the treatment can be completed in less than an hour. There’s little pain involved and the treatment goes on working long after your session, encouraging the growth of new, healthy collagen.

IPL Facial

An IPL or Intense Pulsed Light facial can help to stimulate collagen growth, as well as targeting wrinkles, facial veins, enlarged pores and sunspots for fresher, clearer skin. The lasers are totally safe for use on the face and around 5 to 8 treatments of around 30 minutes are needed for best results.

Vampire Facelift

vampire facelift
A new, non-surgical procedure, which has become a must-have amongst celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, is the Vampire Facelift. This scary sounding procedure involves having Hyaluronic Acid (HA filler) injected into your face to create a naturally younger looking appearance.

Around 2 teaspoons of blood are then harvested from your skin, and blood platelets are isolated and ‘activated’, supposedly releasing vital growth factors which would normally be used to heal your skin. These growth factors can help boost collagen production and increase blood flow to your face. The activated blood is then injected back into your face. Celebrities swear by this new procedure, but it’s not for everyone!

Home treatments

There are plenty of lotions and potions you can apply to your skin at home which promise brighter, tighter, younger looking skin in an instant. The problem is, how do you know which ones work?

Most face creams provide a temporary lifting effect, but moisturizing with a facial oil such as vitamin E can help to smooth out fine lines and prevent new ones from forming.

Products such as Skin Doctors Instant Facelift and GoodSkin Labs Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment help to plump skin, encouraging collagen production and improving elasticity. Whether these provide lasting results or a more temporary fix is open for debate!

There are also non-cosmetic treatments for home facelifts such as the Galvanic Facelift Device or the Microcurrent Home Facelift Machine but quite often, these types of equipment are difficult to find because government health agencies struggle to categorize them as either home beauty equipment or medical devices.

Of course, if you decide to go for a full surgical facelift, it’s important to be aware of the risks and read up on the procedure thoroughly before you make your decision. For many of us, just looking to smooth out our fine lines and boost our complexion, one of the above non-surgical alternatives will do just as nicely, without the recovery time and risk involved!


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