Skin Deep Beauty May Not Be Everything, But It Is Something

I am the only one in my flat who does not have a facial cleaning routine. I've always believed that it was useless, but that is because I am blessed with skin that almost never breaks out in spots, and enough facial hair to cover the world's most enormous zit if it ever decided to appear...

Nonetheless, I feel left out of the conversations my two flatmates have (one male and one female) about this new cream and that new scrub that they are using and when they run out of things to say about it they just look at me, as though I’m a poor orphan with no love or moisturiser in the world.

After having done a little research I now have something to point out as regards the health of my face apart from soap and water. Common sense.

Next time I hear about some expensive cream I will let them know that eating healthily protects their skin and face from breaking out. Food and drink that is rich in fats or sugars, like chocolate or pizza or all the other lovely things we enjoy eating, can cause pimples. That is not to say that we are never allowed to eat them, only that it makes sense to eat them in moderation.

The sun is something that stares us in the face but a lot of the time we don’t even realise that it could affect us. However, if you spend too much time in the sun with no UV protection, it can cause your skin to dry up and crack. Best to use some sort of sunscreen if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun.

Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard about drinking water time and time again, but apart from it being a requirement for our entire body to stay hydrated and healthy, it is also required by our skin.

So an overall healthy lifestyle and which includes some cardio exercise, affect the health of our skin. So just use your common sense in your everyday life and it should keep you glowing. And remember to scrub.


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  • Rosa says:

    I did not used to look after my skin by after time, i felt it getting dry and tired. most creams dont work so i get a facial in my local aesthetic clinic about every 3 months and that has made a massive difference.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts