How To Navigate Christmas Whilst On A Diet

With Christmas fast approaching, it is one of the most difficult times to be on a diet. This is the period where there is food at every turn from Advent Calenders to Christmas lunch and more. These tips will help you get through this time of year.

Christmas. Arguably, the most difficult time of the year to diet. At every 45 degree angle, there’s a mince pie, roast dinner or advent calendar to tempt you and without the distraction of work, it’s hard to think about anything else. In the diet-conscious society we live in, many of us endeavour to carry on with our weight-loss and health efforts during the December months. No easy feat when the majority of people are applying a more lax approach to their diets during this time! So if you’re limiting your diet this Christmas, here are a few tips on how to get through this indulgent time of year.

Choose your booze carefully

Alcohol is notorious for containing an abundance of calories, but it hides them so mischievously! It’s much easier to look at a multi-layered cake and see it for its calorific value. Demon drink is a different story. But don’t fret. There are ways you can be wise about your alcohol intake. Spirits like vodka and gin are among the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks, as is champagne. However, you will need to look out for your teeth where champagne and bubbles, in general, are concerned. If you’re worried about damage to your tooth enamel, use a straw to sip your bevvies this Christmas.

Don’t stop exercising!

The Christmas period is synonymous for being lockdown mode for many of us. Structure and routine tends to go out of the window around Christmas time, but this shouldn’t be a reason to stop exercising. If you’re feeling it’s a bit of a challenge to motivate yourself to head to the gym, why not mix it up a bit? Christmas time warrants long walks with the family (brisk walking still counts as cardio) and if you’re near the coast, have a dip in the sea and reap the numerous associated health benefits.

 Don’t be overambitious

Unless you’re prepared to create a meticulous Hercules-style diet plan and workout routine for Christmas, don’t put pressure on yourself to lose weight. Instead, aim to maintain your weight over the festive period. This way, you can still enjoy some treats but without the pressure of weight loss hanging over your head.

One important thing to remember is your mental relationship with dieting. If you’re concerned straying away from your diet over Christmas time may impact upon your emotional wellbeing, talk it through with your GP or a nutritionist. It’s not uncommon to feel guilty during January because of the extra calories you might have eaten and a GP or nutritionist can help you put together a January plan before December even starts. This way you can feel confident going into the new year, with a plan worked out in advance.

Merry Christmas food eating everyone!


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