Is Drinking Coca-Cola unhealthy?

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular soda drinks in the world. With its fierce competitor, Pepsi, both products are highly recognized in the market due to their taste and price.

The drink is often supplied with meals in millions of restaurants worldwide and consumers buy Coca-Cola and other related products in bulk as well as retail. Coca-Cola is also highly accessible which allows anyone to consume the popular soda drink anytime of the day.

But increasing consumption of Coca-Cola can be very dangerous to the body. It contains ingredients that can cause fatal side effects or long term bodily harm.

The most popular ingredient in Coca-Cola (and Pepsi) is caffeine. This ingredient is added to enhance the flavor and the after effect of the soda drink. Caffeine can cause insomnia, jittery feeling and mood swings. It could even increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart attack. Increased consumption of caffeine pushes the heart rate really fast and the body could eventually succumb to heart attack if there’s too much caffeine. The increase in blood flow could also cause high blood pressure.

Another popular ingredient in Coca-Cola is sugar and everyone knows that too much sugar can cause diabetes. It’s a very subtle disease but it could accelerate with the increased content of sugar.

Because of the increased caffeine and sugar content, it’s always important to drink in moderation. It’s a great soda drink but it could cause serious health problems when taken in excess. Consider healthier drinks such as water instead of Coca-Cola to avoid these health problems.


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  • AnaMaria07 says:

    Used to drink 4 – 5 cans of Coca Cola daily. At one point I even thought that I’m addicted, and maybe I was. I stopped by limiting my intake soda with one can a day and bottled water. Now I’m drinking Coca Cola maybe once a month. I just feel like having one in a while. The taste is just absolutely amazing and so refreshing!

  • Sebastian Wolak says:

    Hello, for all time I used to check website posts here early in the break of day, as i love to learn more and more.

  • healthier matters says:

    Thank you Sebastian. We are very glad to hear this! 🙂