Top Foods for Fighting Cancer

Preventing cancer is always a possibility with the help of the different types of fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, there are a good number of fruits and vegetables you can take to help you prevent cancer and even eliminate its early stages of growth.

Along with the right type of diet and exercise, the following are the types of food that can help you prevent cancer:

Grapefruit – it’s one of the best fruits that can deal with cancer because of its ability to remove carcinogens that causes cancer. Grapefruit contains high amounts of monoterpene which is an essential element that can deal with carcinogens.

Garlic – recent research shows that ginger can deal with different types of cancer. Prostate, ovarian and colon are only some of the cancers that can be prevented or even dealt with through garlic. Extract from ginger can easily help in preventing and dealing with cancer. Ginger comes with gingerol that can slow down the rate of colon cancer cells. It’s also proven that ginger can induce apoptosis or cell suicide for ovarian cancer which is also helpful in dealing with prostate cancer.

Soy – soybeans and other foods that contain soybean comes with isoflavones. It’s a very powerful component that can help the body protect itself from breast cancer. The potential harmful side effect of estrogen is breast cancer but soybeans and foods that contain soybeans could prevent this fatal health problem.

Tea – one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss and fat burning but also popular for preventing cancer. Tea comes with catechins and these are antioxidants that inhibit the development of cancer cells.


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