Weight: A Big Problem Today

As parents, it is our responsibility to educate our kids on what they should eat and how they should stay healthy. Kids follow their parents and when their parents are unhealthy eaters, most likely the kids would be unhealthy eaters too. Nope, it has nothing to do with genes although it can also play a role a person becoming overweight because of an unhealthy lifestyle and appetite.

Teenagers are more susceptible to becoming overweight so when your kids start hitting puberty, an unhealthy lifestyle will cause them rapid weight gain. Teenagers who belong to a family that spends several hours a day just watching TV or does not have any physical activity tend to be statistically heavier compared to those who belong to a family that enjoys outdoor activities.

In order to help an overweight child to lose the extra pounds, it should be a family activity. There must be a lifestyle change not just for the kid but for the entire household. What we buy from the groceries and put in our fridge affects the lifestyle of our kids and the calories they take every day.

Currently, in the U.S., statistics show that about 17% of American children as well as teenagers are overweight. Through several studies, it was proven that one of the many factors that contribute to it is the lifestyle within the family. Majority of the overweight children also have overweight parents.


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