How To Avoid The Nasty Norovirus

The callous stomach-churning bug that strikes fear in the eyes of the morning commuter has recently been making the rounds around the country, leaving grown men and women alike clutching their toilets and whimpering their days away.

Professor Ian Goodfellow amusingly dubbed it the “Ferrari of the virus world” because it is so mercilessly efficient and strikes with such speed and impact that it often leaves you in awe.

The virus is contagious, and the NHS and private GPs alike are pleading with patients to stay home and avoid contact with others. It seems there is no treatment that will destroy the virus, you just need to wait it out. You can take different pills and ointments for some of the effects such as nausea, headaches, diarrhoea and fever, but the best treatment of all is preventative.

Wash your hands

Frequently. Not only when you use the loo, but when you get home or to the office after taking public transport and especially before you eat. Make sure to use soap!


If someone at your work is coughing, make sure you disinfect your desk as the virus can be picked up from surfaces. They won’t be offended, and if they are, hey ho!

Avoid Shaking Hands

Sometimes it is unavoidable so slip a small tube of anti-bacteria gel in your pocket and sneakily disinfect your hand before touching your belongings.

If you do end up getting norovirus, make sure to drink plenty of liquids and avoid contact with others.  It is said that you are no longer contagious 48hrs after the last time you vomit, so keep that in mind when sorting out sick leave.

Some NHS doctors no longer provide sick notes, so if you find yourself in a pickle, check out Harley Health Centre or the Walk In Clinic.



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