Positive news from the NHS fight against the pandemic

Dr Larisa Corda is bringing positive news from an NHS hospital and talks about recovery and the fight in intensive care.

At last, there is some positive news from the frontline of the fight against the pandemic that has brought the world to a halt. Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Dr. Larisa Corda discusses the positive developments from the NHS frontline with ITV. Dr Larisa is a frequent TV speaker as a fertility expert for Channel Mum and This Morning on ITV.

  • How the staff support network works
  • Looking after each other’s mental health
  • Turnaround of critical cases has increased staff morale

Watch the video below for more details. 🙂

More positive news

facemask couple

There seems to be a slow but gradual easing of restrictions in many different parts of the world. Slowly governments of various countries are starting to access the health risk closely and are allowing some people to return back to work and their daily activities. Social distancing measures are still in place of course. 👍

You can now test privately

virus testing kit

Testing of the general population is still a long way away, unfortunately. But luckily, testing for the virus is now available privately in Central London. So if you feel in a hurry, you can now test and find out if you had it and if you are immune.

For more information visit the Harley Street Health Centre testing section. 😎


Stay tuned for more news as they become available.


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