Using Maca for Hormone Balancing

Maca is a traditional root plant from Peru known in its country of origin for its various medicinal purposes. It is regarded as the “peruvian ginseng” although it’s not a part of the ginseng family. Many compare the capability of Maca to ginseng because its medicinal value is almost the same as ginseng.

Even though Maca has medicinal properties, it is slowly becoming an herbal medicine that deals with hormone imbalance. Maca is traditionally known to revive sexual energy and even infertility. Some also consider the herbal medicine as a good source of additional energy.

The ability to revive sexual energy, strength and infertility are three properties that signify that Maca can actually restore balance in hormones. When a person experiences hormonal imbalance, the sexual energy and other physical capability diminishes. It is also possible for people with hormone imbalance to experience infertility.

Dealing with hormone imbalance through Maca is not only possible for men but also for women. Those who are already in menopausal stage can take Maca to deal with different problems such as increase in stress level, reduction in sexual energy as well as depression. It is a good herbal option for women especially those in early menopausal stage.

Modern adoption of Maca is still in its early stages but it’s already available in various formats. The most popular form is powder since users simply sprinkle the amount of powder with their smoothie. Raw intake of powder or pills and capsules are also available.


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