Kostas Alekoglu: Is Health Data Secure Online?

All over the media, the discussion about the Facebook data breach and online privacy concerns is raging on. It is not only the political beliefs and private information that has been harvested and used by companies to target ads.

Senators grilled Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg on how the platform extracts, stores and saves health data about its users through third-party fitness & wellbeing applications. These sort of apps have grown in popularity, such as Myfitnesspal, which has over 80 million users currently.

Naturally, this has made users concerned about who can use the data they allow access to. However, pending legislation in Europe and the USA is very likely to change the laws regarding data protection. Therefore, healthcare organisations that use Facebook to target customers, will hopefully no longer be able to do this.

In the video below Victoria Derbyshire discusses the latest scandal and its implications on BBC News. Matthew Rice of the Open Rights Group and Kostas Alekoglu from healthcare marketing agency Digital Aesthetics give their opinion.


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