Coping With Menopause

A woman would experience menopause when she became an older adult at around the age of 50. At this time, she will be experiencing mood swings, hot flashes and other combination of signs.

Women experience mood swings during their period each month and they will expect a ten-time increase in their irritability. During menopause, what happens is the ovaries start to produce ovum at an unpredictable rate. A woman may ovulate once every other month or may cease for months at a time during this stage.

Menopause is a stage that can go on for years and after several years of unreliable ovulation combined with other perimenopausal symptoms, eventually, the ovary will cease to produce progesterone and estradio and estriol estrogens.

A woman in the menopausal stage can still bear a child since she is still ovulating. When she becomes pregnant at this stage, her baby is called a menopausal baby and sometimes there is an effect on the child. When the woman has ended her menopausal stage, she no longer can have children.

A woman may see menopause as the end of her glory days or she can look at it as the beginning of her “third age” or the third part of a woman’s life. At this stage in their life, they can enjoy looking back at what they had accomplished in their life and they can simply enjoy playing with their grandkids and their retirement.

Also, after the menopause stage they will no longer experience the signs of menopause so they could already breathe in a sigh of relief, and so would their family.


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  • Zenilda says:

    This is great! Eating nutritious food for a milder menopause is a great idea! Eating healthy and making changes to your lifestyle does not mean you have to go to the extremes. Living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as people think

  • Andrea says:

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    Andrea Richardson