Laser hair removal: What is the best machine?

The answer is part of a long-standing debate in the aesthetics and cosmetic industry. The key manufacturers such as Alma, Lumenis, Polaris and Lynton have of course much to say about their laser hair removal solutions. But what are the main factors we could judge the technology with?

  1. Effectiveness
    • Irrespective of any other criteria if the laser used cannot remove hair sufficiently then the technology is void
    • If the person applying the treatment is not well-trained then effectiveness could also be reduced
  2. Number of sessions required

    • This is a difficult area to compare machines as every case is unique. Someone with little hair and darker than their skin could have it easier and faster removed then someone with fair skin, fair hair and in large quantities in the targeted areas.
    • Overall, however, a very acceptable result should be reached between 6-12 sessions.
  3. Range of skin colours

    • Some laser hair removal machines are better than others in detecting hair follicles at their growth stage when the skin is dark or when the skin is fair matching the hair.
    • There are some clinics that offer more than one laser technology to deal with this issue of skin suitability
    • Nd:YAG lasers are reportedly better at dealing with hair on dark skin which can be more difficult to reach for laser technologies such as Diode.
  4. Painless?

    • Nobody likes excessive pain. Whilst some mild discomfort is expected when hair is removed from the more sensitive areas, good laser technologies should not be very painful.
    • The latest trend in this area is a cooling mechanism that allows the skin to cool down when sensitive parts are exposed to the heat from the laser.
    • The Soprano ICE from Alma which now offers 3 wavelengths is one of those lasers that use a cooling mechanism to eradicate discomfort.
    • The Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser by Lumenis also uses cooling technology to reduce discomfort and prolong the machine’s ability to target hair deep in the epidermis.

The truth is that it is difficult to pinpoint the best laser hair removal technology because the answer might be slightly different for every individual, depending on the colour of your skin and the amount of hair you need removing.

In our next post, we will be discussing with clinic owners why their solution is ideal for their clients.


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  • Jamie Mutton says:

    being a fan laser hair removal i found this blog very interesting, i didn’t realise there was such differences with the machines.