Different Methods For Hair Removal

Most women shriek at the sight of unwanted hair on their armpits, face, legs and genital areas. Women are expected to have smooth skin and hair is definitely out of the question. There are different methods to remove those unwanted hair such as plucking, shaving and waxing but a new method being used now is laser hair removal.

Plucking can be painful and it leaves the skin looking like chicken skin and it’s not pleasant to the eye. It’s not a very popular method for hair removal as most women shave their arm pits and legs instead.

Shaving offers quick result and is painless but hair grows back much faster and thicker. Waxing is more popular but is very painful especially if it’s your first time. It leaves the skin smoother and the hair grows back much longer than plucking and shaving.

Laser hair removal or photoepilation uses xenon flash lamps is now a widely used method for hair removal but under the guidance of a dermatologist. It targets the melanin and does not affect the rest of the person’s skin. You would need multiple treatments in order to get a long-term result. This means no need to pluck or shave that often anymore and you get much better result with laser treatment than with waxing although it also has some side effects and risks such as hypopigmentation or having white spots on the skin surface as well as acne and scabs.


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  • Nicole D. says:

    It’s good that we are leaving times when they found a solution for body hair. I think al brunettes out there must be happy!