Do People Really Need Liposuction?

Liposuction has become widely known as a magic fat-busting procedure. But even the people who have had liposuction may not be aware that it has very few health benefits.

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine recently showed that liposuction is little more than an effective cosmetic treatment. They assessed the affects of liposuction on fifteen women before and after liposuction, and found that all were as susceptible to diabetes after having the fat-removing treatment.\

Two choices

This leaves people who would like to do something about their obesity with essentially two choices. If you see being overweight as mostly a cosmetic problem, then liposuction allows you to literally such away excess bulk from your tummy, waistline, thighs and elsewhere. But as repeated studies have shown, it won’t mitigate the health risks associated with obesity, and unless you change your lifestyle, that excess fat is likely to come creeping back.

For people who are serious about both the aesthetic and physiological effects of obesity, a better option would be to consider having a gastric band fitted. Suitable for people who have a Body Mass Index over 30, it help fight the causes and symptoms of obesity by restricting your stomach capacity. Many practitioners see this as the next best thing to losing weight naturally, as it reduces your calorie intake, but is only usually offered to people who have serious health risks due to obesity.

In the end, it ultimately depends on how much of your concern is to do with health, and how much is to do with the way you look. Just don’t treat liposuction as anything other than a temporary cosmetic procedure.


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