Dos and Don’ts of Breast Reduction

The reasons for pursuing breast reduction differ depending on gender. Women may wish to go braless for comfort, or may wish to wear bras that don’t dig into their shoulders because of their breasts’ weight. Large breasts can cause back, shoulder and neck pain.

They may prevent an active life because running and other activities can be uncomfortable with large breasts. Some women may have breasts that are noticeably different in size. For men, larger breasts can be embarrassing in both public and intimate situations. Both genders often bear the brunt of jokes as a result of their large breasts.

Kinds of Breast Reduction

The two most common types of breast reduction both involve come kind of surgery. Breast reconstruction involves reshaping the breast. Both glandular tissue, fat and excess skin is removed, then the breast is reconstructed.

It involves a scar that may run from the nipple area to all the way under the breast.Liposuction is an option for breasts that aren’t extraordinarily large, as it removes only fat.

The incision is smaller, however, it does not reconstruct the breast in any way – it neither fixes droopy breasts nor repositions the nipple like reconstructive surgery will. However it’s better for older people with less dense breasts.

How Female and Male Breast Reduction Differs

Female reconstructive surgery is quite involved and usually involves noticeable surgical scars. For males, however, a tiny incision is made around the areola to remove glandular tissue; another small incision is made under the arm for liposuction. When these scars heal they are almost unnoticeable.


After surgery, breasts may be more even or more proportionate to your body. Clothing fits better and it’s easier to find clothing that fits, and bra strap marks on shoulders should disappear.

Pain in the back, neck and shoulders may lessen, posture is improved, and exercise may be less awkward. Breast reduction procedures are usually permanent; however, breast size increases may still occur as a result of weight gain.


The nipple area can become permanently numb and may interfere with breastfeeding in the future. Recovery takes time and breasts may not take on their final shape for months.

The period right after surgery can be very painful and activity will be restricted for a period of time. Women may experience altered menstrual cycles. Besides that, surgery is very expensive.

Most people who have had breast reduction surgery do not regret it and enjoy the newfound freedom from both the weight and embarrassment of large breasts.

Even though there may be some scarring, generally the problems that were eliminated by reduction surgery outweigh the issue of scarring. Having a breast reduction procedure often increases self-esteem and confidence, as people begin to feel their breasts are not the focus of their interpersonal interactions.


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