Drinking Skimmed Milk May Not Be Any Healthier

Most of us accept that skimmed milk is better for us than full fat or even – whisper it – ‘gold top’ milk. But opting for the joyless compromise may not be any better for you than indulging in the tastier, creamier version.

Harvard University nutritional expert Dr Walter Willett says the science is actually inconclusive. Because while skimmed and semi-skimmed milk contain fewer calories and less saturated fat – it is technically better for the body – the people who drink it may not be any healthier.

Since skimmed milk contains fewer calories, people may try to make up for it by eating more unhealthy foods. They may, for example, eat more cereal with skimmed milk than with full fat, either as a reward to themselves, or because it’s not as filling.

If you’re concerned about your calorie and fat intakes, choosing the right milk is important. But it’s a misplaced concern if you eat double the amount of rice crispies with your skimmed milk as you would with full fat.


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