The Best Diets To Try

“You are what you eat” – a quote we’re all familiar with and rings so true. You wouldn’t fill a car tank with bad fuel and the same should apply with your body.

We’re all different and some of us suffer from food intolerances and certain lifestyle factors that mean adapting our nutrition.

A healthy diet should be one you can sustain in the long-term – forget crash diets and fads. Here are a few of the best diets to try in 2020 and how they can benefit you for life.

Mediterranean diet

A diet that has long been considered as one of the healthiest (and tastiest!), the Mediterranean diet is varied and easily adaptable if you’re avoiding certain food groups.

This diet encompasses healthy ways of preparing meat, fish, and vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil which has been proven to reduce your chances of heart disease.

As well as being beneficial for your physical health, the Mediterranean diet is underpinned by the idea of sitting down and taking the time to enjoy your food, concept countries such as Spain, Italy and France have embraced for generations.

Gluten-free diet

Intolerance and allergies to wheat can impact a person’s day-to-day life, causing stomach upset, nausea and chronic fatigue.

Around 1% of the UK population have coeliac disease but only 24% have been diagnosed. It can be challenging to know how to swap out gluten-based products, namely bread but thankfully in recent years, there is a myriad of alternatives out there in supermarkets for you to choose from.

You can still enjoy the foods you love, including pasta, cereal and bread as they are made to include gluten substitutes in their make-up. Eating larger portions of vegetables, cheese, meat and fish will also help you get the calories you need if you’re looking to give up gluten.

Novak Djokovic publicly spoke out about how a gluten-free diet totally transformed his sporting performance and helped him shed body fat – since doing so, he has gone on to win countless Grand Slam tennis tournaments.

Keto diet

The word “keto” has been very prevalent in the news over the last couple of years, with many people embracing the effects and benefits.

Ketosis is the process whereby the body is forced into breaking down fat into energy – the keto diet is super low carb, making it an ideal option for weight loss, whilst also providing the right nutrition your body needs.

You can expect to eat foods such as chicken, steamed veg, fiber, dairy and other high protein foods.

Make sure you do your research when choosing the right type of diet for your lifestyle. If you’re unsure, consult your GP. 👨‍⚕️

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