The Benefits of Red Wine

The common belief is that alcoholic drinks will have drastic and fatal effects on your body. Liver diseases  and other intestinal problems are a direct result of  excessive  intake of alcohol and millions of people suffer because of their bad drinking habits.

It is well documented that wine or, more specifically, red wine can do good to your body. The red wine is known to improve the “good cholesterol” while lowering the “bad cholesterol” at the same time. Red wine – if drunk responsibly can prevent heart attacks in middle aged people  by 30-50%.

Red wine also contains  antioxidants which are known to have various benefits to everyone. The reasons for all these benefits and blessings are the main components of red wine: grapes. The skin of the grapes contains flavonoids and resveratrol.

Red wine may be good for your health but this doesn’t mean that an increased intake of this drink is a must. Men should only consume two glasses of red wine while women should drink no more than one glass every day.

To those who are not keen on drinking alcohol every day, there is always an alternative: grape juice, tea and apple juice can provide the antioxidants one can find in white wine.


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