Tomato Armor!

A number of studies have revealed that tomatoes can lower the likelihood of having a stroke. Now we all remember growing up and being told that it’s good to eat our fruits and vegetables to grow big and strong.

But research such as the one carried out in the University of Eastern Finland can now shed light on just how our fruits and veggies can help us. A compound called lycopene not only gives tomatoes their red vibrancy, but also contains antioxidants.

Studies have shown that the higher the lycopene in ones blood, the higher the percentage that the person will not have a stroke, which is even more so in strokes resulting in blood clots. The research in Finland revealed that out of a study of 1,031 Finish men (aged 46-65 years of age) those with high levels of lycopene in their blood where 55% more likely not to have a stroke then those with a lesser amount.

So a daily intake of tomatoes or tomato based foods (both raw and cooked) can better your brain health, equipping you with a significant protection against the possibility of a stroke. So add some colour and goodness to your salads.


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