Towards Better Health with Nuts

One of the greatest advantages of modern health science is the discovery of health benefits of different food groups that have sometimes been misrepresented. The health benefits of different types of nuts are a perfect example, since common perception is that nuts contain cholesterol which could cause weight gain and other health problems.

Healthy vs. Dangerous Fats

It is true that nuts contain high level of fats. However, the fats found in the many different types of nuts can be healthy. A recent study that focuses on the effects of nuts in general health reveals that people with a steady diet of different types of nuts are 35% less likely to encounter heart-related problems. Aside from limiting the risk of heart diseases there’s also a reported 10% decrease of LDL cholesterol which causes weight gain and related conditions.

Types of Nuts and their Effects

Almonds – the healthiest type of nut, contain large amounts of protein, iron, calcium, Vitamin E and zinc. The best thing about almonds is that they are practically in everything and they taste great especially in pastries.

Brazil Nuts – a strong contender for the healthiest nut, Brazil nuts are a good source of zinc, magnesium and selenium. They also have large amounts of anti-oxidants and usually regarded as anti-aging and anti-cancer. Unfortunately, Brazil nuts are a bit expensive because of the government control from growing this type of nut takes time.

Hazelnuts – This tasty nut is a powerful source of protein, contains the good type of fats, manganese and Vitamin E. The popularity of hazelnuts as nutritional food is nothing new since even during the pre-historic era, records of pre-historic men using hazelnuts in food were discovered.


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