Is There an Easy Way to Lose Weight?

We hear on the TV, in the newspapers and through women's magazines that with a simple trick, exercise or very small change in diet you can lose several stone over night. So is it actually possible to lose weight that quickly or are we living in a dream world?

The answer to this question isn’t simple; while some people can lose and gain weight quickly others will take years and will have a minimum weight that may still seem too heavy. Everybody is different and the optimum weight of every person is different.

The best way to lose weight is to change your eating and exercise habits, going to the gym for one week or stopping eating biscuits for lent won’t help in the long run.

We suggest working out how much you eat in KJ per day; this information is available on the side of most food packaging. Making sure you don’t frequently go over your daily dose of fat, carbohydrate and protein is also advised. Next we would suggest you look at when you eat; many people eat for the sake of it. Oprah Winfrey used to have a desk based job and would find herself eating to pass the time.

If she had a chocolate bar here and there it wouldn’t have made a difference would it? The problem came when it became the norm; she would be eating to pass the time each day and would end up gaining weight and not exercising. It was only when she realised that she was eating to take her mind off of work that she realised how she could change her diet.

With this in mind, work out when you eat most. Are you eating while you’re working? Or maybe you’re eating many high calorie meals each day? Taking a deeper look into your current eating habits and then making a change will stop you from gaining weight and will allow you to gradually reduce some of your current weight. To reduce your weight more drastically exercise is one of the most popular and well known techniques.

It is hard work but you should think of the reward. We would suggest that you don’t just visit a gym. While a work out regime does work for some people others will just be put off. Take part in a sport that will allow you to enjoy burning the calories, sports such as badminton or Tennis are great for people of any age and have clubs in most sports centres around the country.

Remember with dedication and motivation you can reduce your weight in a matter of months!


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