What’s a Detox Diet?

Detox is a short cut term for “detoxification” Our body naturally detoxifies itself, eliminating all harmful toxins in our body that may come from normal functions as well from other outside factors such as smoking, inhalation of harmful chemicals, etc.

Detox diet refers to the detoxification the dietary toxins from our body through dieting or through the use of herbs that help cleanse our body faster. You can find several types of detox diets so you can choose the one that suits you. Organic foods, for instance, is part of a detox diet because you eliminate the source of chemicals that may be present from non-organic foods or foods that are treated with chemicals.

Also, foods that are high in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants are also detox foods used for a detox diet. Another one is by taking only high fiber foods or increasing the amount of high fiber foods on the diet and increase of water so that the toxins in our body can be flushed away through bowel movements.

A detox diet is not just focusing on a person’s weight but also to his or her health. Detoxifying your body means you’d be much healthier and it wards off illnesses. You’d feel rejuvenated and younger. Part of its result is weight loss. Excess fats are flushed away together with the harmful toxins in our body that are caused by chemicals from foods, water and even our air.

It is necessary to detoxify our bodies regularly so we could improve from its many benefits- a healthier you.


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