Why Slimming Pills Can Ruin Your Underwear

Slimming pills are not the best answer to your weight problems but exercise and proper diet is. Slimming pills also have a not-so-popular side effect that they didn’t want the whole world to know, not until you’ve tried it and experienced it for yourself.

Orlistat first came out with the brand name Xenical and it’s said to be the slimming pills to help aide the obese to lose weight and it does not have any ill side effects. Looks promising, right? In fact, Orlistat does work in blocking fats so that your body won’t absorb them. By doing so, you reduce your fat absorption by about 30%. It seems very promising and if you use Orlistat and combine it with proper diet and exercise, indeed you would be losing weight more rapidly than without the aid of Orlistat. But, since the “oil” is not being absorbed by the body then it has to go somewhere and that’s where the problem comes in.

Our anus is not created to hold in that much oil especially if you don’t limit your fat intake while using it. The title would already give you a clear picture of what this means. That means, your anus would eventually start to leak time and again and this can be very embarrassing especially if you are in a social gathering. It’s hard to control and you get little accidents here and there. When you laugh a bit too hard, some “oil” would come out and the oil can be widely visible because of its disgusting color- orange!

Nonetheless it is still effective as an aid to weight loss but you have to think about this disgusting side effect and ask yourself if you’re willing to try it.


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