5 Fitness Tips to Improve your Workout

Check out some of our fitness tips to help improve your workout and routine.

Rest is required for proper recovery

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Even though it’s tempting, don’t go overboard on your training. Make sure you take regular breaks from your workout regime as overworking your body could do more damage than good. It’s recommended to take at least one day a week away from fitness completely, but you can still be active during recovery days with gentle movements such as walking and stretching.

Food is fuel

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If you’re looking to gain mass, especially if you are bodybuilding, then your standard 3 meals a day just won’t suffice. Eating between 5 and 6 meals a day is recommended to stimulate your metabolism and help with building muscle. That means eating every 3 hours to maintain your calorie intake. Portion control is just as important when gaining mass, so make sure to use smaller plates and bowls to prevent overeating or binging.

Get stronger faster


If your upper body workout takes 30 minutes, try and complete it in 27 minutes for your next workout. By doing the same amount of exercise in 10% of the time your muscles are forced to work harder and your endurance will improve massively at the same time.

Conquer your weak spots

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It’s easy to avoid doing an exercise that you really, really don’t want to do. This is probably because you’re not great at this and avoiding something is easier than doing it. Identify your weak spots, target them and train until you’ve mastered it. The sense of accomplishment after makes you even more determined to work harder.

 Always stretch after a workout


Taking the time to cool down and stretch your body after you work out is great for reducing muscle fatigue. Lactic acid builds up in your muscles as you exercise and stretching helps to reduce muscle soreness. Stretching is also a great way to de-stress as your muscles that contract and tense up will become more relaxed.


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