Best Exercises Suitable For All Ages

It's a no-brainer - regular exercise will undoubtedly benefit your health and well-being. But what's the best exercise suitable for any age? Below, we've picked out our favourite, age-friendly exercises.


One of the best classes for helping develop and improve strength, balance and flexibility, is Yoga. Even though it’s a low impact exercise class it can seriously improve your wellbeing and physical fitness through breathing exercises and postures.

As well as boosting physical health, yoga is great for improving your mental wellbeing.

The wonderful thing about Yoga is that there is zero age restraint. Whether you’re a child or in your 70’s, Yoga will still be a beneficial form of exercise for you.



Swimming is known for being one of the best ‘all-round’ forms of exercise. It works all parts of your body and counts as both cardio and strength training.

Joint mobility and flexibility are also improved, simply from swimming on a regular basis. It’s an all-inclusive exercise as there is no restriction on age or ability, anybody can learn to swim! Additionally, it makes for a great family activity.

An extra bonus of hitting the water is it’s a great exercise for your lungs. When your face is in the water you are using your lungs at their maximum capacity. In turn, your body is adapting to use oxygen more efficiently. So dust off your cozzie or trunks and get swimming!



Squatting seems to be avoided by elderly people in particular because of the worry of too much strain on your knees. However, there is absolutely no need to avoid squatting if you are older. As long as you are doing the exercise correctly and avoid using weights, squatting can actually improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue.

If you’re younger to middle age, adding hand weights to your squat routine will provide additional strength training, working your arms as well as your legs. You can do squats anywhere, at any time.



If you’re looking for a fun, engaging and effective exercise class, then Zumba will be right up your street! It’s a high-intensity dance workout, but you can adjust your movements according to what you feel comfortable with. On average, between 400 and 1000 calories are burnt per class.

Regardless of age or fitness level, Zumba can be enjoyed by anyone. There are usually different varieties of the classes available, ranging from high-intensity Zumba workouts for advanced Zumba goers, to the less intense Zumba Gold class if you find yourself struggling with the regular classes.

Zumba’s popularity has boomed in recent years, so if you’re not already on the Zumba bandwagon, do your endorphins a favour and check your local gym for classes.



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