7 Reasons why you need to go for a regular health check

The reasons to go for a health-check or screening are abundant. We will be going through them today and looking at some health-checks you can turn to. 

Exercise, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential to personal health. However, one needs to tie these fundamentals together with necessary health check-ups at periodic intervals.

In the past, people used to only see their doctor when they were truly sick or near death. Now, preventative healthcare is the way forward as patients look to become more educated and empowered about their own health.

Doctors and clinics are also making the push for patients to get more regular check-ups to help them stay on top of their health. The importance of prevention comes from the need to reduce the number of patients needing medical treatment or surgery. 

Regular health check-ups or screenings are conducted by a doctor or medical professionals in order to assess a person’s health. The contents and parameters of a health check can vary from clinic to clinic and package to package. 

Nevertheless, the goal is always the same; to find which parts of the body need more attention, to address any symptoms, to advise on any health concerns and catch a number of diseases and illnesses at an early stage. 

These check-ups can be quarterly, twice a year or yearly – that decision is up to you. The reasons to go for a health-check or screening are abundant. We will be going through them today and looking at some health-checks you can turn to. 

Educate Yourself!

Health check-ups and screenings aren’t just about doing a general check-up and looking after yourself. In fact, health check-ups also serve as a means for patients to educate themselves on healthcare and ask any questions they have to their doctor. 

As a result, patients are better-advised and educated about various health conditions, symptoms and preventative practices. This will then allow them to keep active and healthy throughout their life. 

The truth is, most of us take our health for granted. We rarely visit hospitals or doctors until we are actually sick or in need of urgent treatment. This behaviour can lead to people making poor health and lifestyle choices. If you get into the habit of regular health checks, you will be more aware of your body and what you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Furthermore, whilst you are educated on healthcare practices and your own lifestyle choices, you also get the chance to keep your physician and doctor apprised of your health. This is only beneficial for the quality of the service provided to you.

Reduces risk of getting sick

Regular health checks include physical and mental analysis also. This is to make sure your body and mind are both fit, fine and healthy. There is a reason health checks are often referred to as full-body check-ups; you are examined head to toe. 

The comprehensiveness of health checks means you can catch diseases and any conditions at a very early stage. Your doctor can then prescribe the right treatment for you before the symptoms get out of hand. Thus, reducing your risk of getting sick by targeting the illness at root and stem.

Blood Tests & Early Detection

Whilst it is easy for a member of the general public to spot well-known symptoms of common diseases such as the cold or the fever, and deal with them, there are situations when a health check is needed. If you don’t already take regular blood tests, a health check often incorporates one in its itinerary. 

A blood test, during a check-up, will do one of two things. If it comes back clear it can reassure patients that they have no hard-to-spot symptoms and no underlying conditions to fret over. If it comes back with abnormalities, you get the chance to spot and screen various potential diseases before they get the chance to grow and develop. 

Reduce overall healthcare costs

As mentioned above, regular health checks aid in the early detection of diseases and illnesses. Naturally, this will reduce your medical costs by stopping you from getting ill. 

It may even help cut down the days you have to take for sickness as you learn how to live healthy and stop sickness before it gets out of hand. It can help you avoid taking time off work or school, which could have potentially disrupted your lifestyle.

Early detection of cancer

Whilst we have already said that health checks can detect illnesses and diseases at an early stage, it is hugely important to highlight how focusing and diagnosing cancer early on can have astronomical benefits.

According to cancer.org, early detection is crucial to cancer survival rate, with the survival rate of stage one cancer hitting 100%, whilst stage 2 cancer falls to 93%. Finding and dealing with cancer early on, considerably enhances a positive outcome and reassures the patient that they have time to combat the situation.

Hereditary Advice

An overlooked aspect of health checks is the ability to assess your family history with a trained GP or medical professional. You can examine whether you are at risk of any hereditary/inherited conditions.

Regularly checking in with your GP gives you time to discuss the statistics of any familial conditions and how you can make changes to your lifestyle to reduce your risk of developing serious diseases. 

Spot stress-related diseases

Increase in stress and anxiety can lead to a number of different illnesses that are both physical and psychological. For example, one could experience hypertension, high blood pressure, mental disorders, weight gain, depression and more as a result of stress.

Regular medical check-ups can make sure these problems are detected early and addressed before they turn severe. Medical professionals can advise and support you to help you have a less high-stress lifestyle. 

What is the package for me?

Regular health check-ups are empowering and have an anxiety-alleviating effect on patients. They allow you to take control of your life and your health. They allow you to take time to discuss your concerns and worries as well as discuss improvements to your lifestyle.

Are you interested in regular health check-ups? The best idea is to visit or call your doctor and ask what option is the most appropriate for your gender/age/lifestyle.

The Harley Street Health Centre offers a wide variety of health check packages for male and female patients. Wellwoman and Wellman packages (available at bronze, silver, gold and platinum level) are designed to suit patients’ individual needs and all include a special full blood profile. They are even happy to help you create your own package individually priced for you. Visit their website for more information. 



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