A Beer a Day Could Be Good for You

The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is true because of the obvious health benefits of the said fruit. Change “apple” with “beer” and people will think that you have a drinking problem. You can’t just drink beer every day since there is a common conception that beer simply harms your body.

Not so fast

Recent studies in Spain suggest that drinking a pint of beer a day can actually have multiple health benefits. Among the health benefits of drinking a pint of beer is lowering the risk of diabetes, helps in preventing high blood pressure and even foster weight loss.

The Protective Effect of Beer

Beer may not look like a healthy drink but it actually has vitamins, folic acid, iron and calcium. It’s an impressive list and comparable to drinking a glass of wine every day. Since the beer’s alcohol content is relatively lower than other alcoholic drinks, it’s still safe to drink. A pint, when it comes to alcoholic content, is almost the same as a glass of wine.

The Catch

But the mere fact that beer comes with impressive healthy benefits doesn’t mean you can just drink beer everyday and expect to have a clean bill of health. According to research, preventing high blood pressure and diabetes as well as fostering weight loss is only possible with the help of a Mediterranean diet. This means your diet will focus on fish, vegetables, fruits and lots of olive oil. According to the research, those who went through this diet with a pint of beer noticed that they are also losing weight aside from feeling healthy.


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  • Reignbeau says:

    That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cnortibtuing.

  • Tim Holtorn says:

    Drinking a beer to help beat diabetes seems like an oxymoron. In many cases diabetes is the result of having too much sugar and beer is high in sugar content. Either their research is flawed or something bizar happens when the alcohol is mixed.

  • MariaG says:

    Here is something that i had no idea!!A beer, besides all it can be also healthy and help you lose weight. The problem i guess with the beer is that you never drink one only,and then is when the problems begin…

  • biancas says:

    Yay! Good news! I love beer. Most things consumed with moderation do not harm you. A beer or two per week can’t be harmful. A burger every now and then wont make anyone obese. Moderation is the key.