Top Tips for Reducing Stress the Healthy Way

One of the common work-related problems that can affect a person’s productivity is stress. Under stress, a person will have a hard time concentrating and common office tasks become increasingly difficult. Stress could even lead to actual physical problems with fatal complications.

However even though stress can be a big problem if no actions are taken, it can be easily remedied with the right attitude. The most popular trick to deal with stress is to change the environment, situation or stimulus.

Calming Techniques While in the Office

It’s very easy to experience stress while in an office environment because of the pressure of the workload. But anyone can easily deflect this type of condition with simple changes in their environment and some stimulus.

A very simple trick is to listen to very soothing music every once in a while. It’s also important to take a real break during lunchtime which means you should not think of work and enjoy the quiet environment.

Dealing with Stress Outside the Office

Dealing with stress is a lot easier outside the office because of the additional facilities available. A simple walk in the park, jog or bike ride can be a good stress reliever not to mention a good way to exercise and burn fat.

Some individuals join yoga classes and different types of meditation to experience the serenity and practice the calmness while at work.

Hans Selye, a pioneering Hungarian endocrinologist, who discovered the General Adaption Syndrome (also known as stress syndrome) stated “Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one”.

Stress can be devastating to anyone. Before it becomes dangerous; deal with stress by changing your environment and focusing on quieter locations. It’s also ideal to exercise and practice yoga and meditation in order to better deal with stress in the office.


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  • Lucy Russian says:

    These are some very useful stress relieving tips, next time I’m heating up in the office I think I will definitely use a calming technique.

  • Alloel says:

    Not bad at all fellas and gaals. Thank you for the tips.