Couples & Infertility

Just when you plan to start a family, you realized that you can not conceive. This is probably the saddest realisation a parent would ever have. A man can be impotent and a woman can have problems that would prevent them from ever conceiving a child. Being infertile is sad but it’s not the end of the world.

People who are infertile need to be able to embrace the fact that they could not conceive a child. This may be hard to swallow but in time there will be acceptance and there are other options to want to start a family. There are ways to conceive through artificial inseminations where a man’s sperm is injected into a woman’s egg cell.

This is great if a man has a low sperm count. You can also have a surrogate mother if the woman can not carry a baby for several reasons and there is adoption. You just won’t believe the number of babies being given up for adoption by parents who are just not ready to take care of them.

You can give these unwanted babies a good future and a family to call their own. It really doesn’t matter if the baby is from your own blood or is just adopted, as long as you accept the baby to be your own then you would love it just as much as you’d love your own child.

Infertility should not be a hindrance for you to have your dream of having a family. Love is what makes a family and it doesn’t matter if your baby is not of your blood as long as you love him or her then she is your baby for real.


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  • Vena Warth says:

    fyi… infertility isn’t always a female’s problem, quite a few men are also diagnosed with reduced semen counts (my husband for one) that categorise them as infertile but luckily we were lucky enough to deal with it and have have a child…

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