Symptoms and Solutions For Your Summer of Hayfever

Hayfever sufferers will notice that this year has been a breeze. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the dreaded symptoms of spring and summer – runny noses, itchy eyes and general despair – have been conspicuous in their absence thus far. The UK’s icy spring has kept pollen counts unusually low… until now.

Just as the weather picked up this weekend, so has the pollen count. The Met Office predicts high pollen counts throughout this week, meaning hayfever sufferers are set to feel the effects if they aren’t already.

There are many potential solutions to hay fever, from natural remedies to over-the-counter medicine. The first port of call is antihistamines, which you can be administered orally in tablets, as well as with nasal sprays and eye-drops depending on the symptoms.

But if you’re looking for a long-term solution, the answer to beating hay fever is most likely to be in your food. Cutting down on foods which encourage mucus production such as dairy, sugar and starch will likely lessen the symptoms, as will consuming plenty of vitamin C, which is a natural antihistamine.


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