Mental Health Clinic Review

"With 1 in 6 experiencing a common mental health problem weekly, it is an epidemic that is still surrounded by a stigma"

Dementech has a special focus on Mental Health Disorders. An expert team is committed to providing comprehensive assessment, treatment, and support for people who suffer from a variety of mental health disorders. The clinic works with highly experienced mental and physical health practitioners to deliver the best treatment for their patients.

Rabhi understood that a side effect of many neurological diseases is the development of depression, anxiety disorders, and obsessive-compulsive behaviour. It has become necessary, therefore, to offer mental health treatments alongside neurological treatment.

Mental Health is on the rise with 1 in 4 people suffering in the UK alone. It has become a pressing and prevalent issue. Dementech has hired dedicated specialists who work within the field of mental health, on a variety of topics, to ensure that the care received is tailored to each individual patient.

Specialists at the clinic

Rabhi has brought together world specialists in their field; Dr. Konstantinos Diamantopoulos and Mr. Stelios Kiosses to work with Dementech as they are leading names in their respective fields.

Dr. Diamantopoulos is not only a member of the Board of Directors of the NGO: Doctors of the World but has been actively involved in building and training mental health procedures in low-income countries. Diamantopoulos has a keen interest in cross-culture psychiatry: examining the impact of cultural factors on mental health. He works closely with the other healthcare professionals in the clinic to make sure that all core principles of multidisciplinary care are implemented.

Mr. Stelios Kiosses has been the Lead Therapist for psychological services since Dementech opened their doors in 2017. He is currently a lecturer at Goldsmith’s University teaching on counselling and psycho-social studies. Furthermore, he has been heavily involved in television as a psychologist and presented several programmes himself. He has often consulted on psychology and this acclaim has led to Mr. Kiosses being made a Patron of the Princes School of Traditional Arts one of HRH Prince of Wales core charities.

Dementech’s Methodology

Anxiety and Depression are the most common of mental health disorders, and Dementech specialises in both among others.  With 1 in 6 experiencing a common mental health problem weekly, it is an epidemic that is still surrounded by stigma. As there is no ‘cure’ for mental health problems, Dementech works on the basis of risk assessment and prevention; the patient is assessed by both a mental health professional and a neuropsychologist; and once a diagnosis is reached, tailored treatment can be delivered. This thorough approach means that the patient receives the best possible care for their disorder.

Dementech has such a wide range of specialists that their multidisciplinary team will work together to treat symptoms and prevent further progression. Due to the involvement of individual specialist the life, emotional health and the well-being of each individual is the top priority of the team.


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