MMR vaccination and its benefits

With all the things that are happening in the world, it’s not practical to be sick anymore. Although common diseases like colds and cough is something you really can’t avoid, there are certain ways to prevent other sickness. One such way is through MMR vaccination.

The MMR Vaccination is an injected vaccine to help the body protect itself from mumps, measles and rubella or German measles. It is mostly given to kids within the age of 12-15 months and then another when they turn 3. Children aren’t the only ones who can get these shots; adults who haven’t been immunized can avail of the vaccine.

The vaccine is composed of live virus elements from the three diseases mentioned above. Even though it sounds freaky that you’ll be injected with a virus, you don’t have to worry since what they’ll be injecting has been mutated to keep them from being the source of a full blown disease. But why do they have to do that and not just invent an anti-virus? The procedure is done in this particular way because the aim is to deceive the body’s immune system that it is being attacked and as a result, they’ll produce antibodies that will ward off the disease in the future if ever it is contracted.

As with all things that has to do with our body, there have been known side effects that may occur once the vaccine is given. Probably the most general one is to have a weaker type of one of the viruses and the person injected may experience a slight dwindling of their strength or they may catch fever.

Nevertheless, it’s important to have a vaccination since it will protect your body from certain diseases and it’s still the safest way to do it. Furthermore, a simple injection will prevent you from serious complications that may even cause you your life.


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