Travel Vaccination

Travelling has always been one of life's greatest past time or pleasures and although it may seem that going to various destinations is simple, there are certain places where you need different requirements such as a visa and even vaccinations.

Your local hospital or health clinic can provide you with the information you need regarding these vaccinations. However, just to be sure and safe, it’s best to double-check which countries require one and what kind of vaccine is needed.

In Central Africa and South America, it is highly recommended and most certainly required that you get a shot for yellow fever before you can travel to a particular place in those destinations. There are certain Customs officials that do check for proof since it’s not only for their sake but for your safety and benefit as well. You won’t enjoy your trip if you’re struck down with a disease.

It’s a different story for countries where malaria is rampant since you’ll need different kinds of vaccine at different times. First, you’ll need to take one medicine one week before you leave. Then, you’ll have to take a regular one while you’re in that place and the last one is for a whole month after you have left that particular country. It’s also best if you can arm yourself against mosquito bites to further prevent the problem.

Travel vaccinations may seem like such a tiresome task but it’s important for your well-being. Enjoying your trip, be it personal or business will be even more pleasant if you know that you’re safe and protected.


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