Natural Remedies Against Coughs

With the winter season and spreading of viruses and bugs, coughing can become a very frequent symptom, often accompanied with viral infections such as influenza and bronchitis.

When coughing, our body is trying to expell the mucus which is formed as a result of an infection in the respiratory ways.

If not thoroughly and adequately treated, coughs can be very disturbing and tend to persist for several days even in a minor form. However, before jumping on taking strong medecines, such as antibiotics, which many people tend to associate as an effective cure but are not indicated for coughs, there are numerous simple natural remedies that will do the job.

Onions are very good for coughs and can do a natural cough syrup. After they are chopped and turned into juice, mix them with honey. Otherwise, onion juice boiled with an equal quantity of lime juice, a single cup of water and some honey is also very good and to be taken three times a day to cure cough and cold.

Honey and grapes are in particular indicated for chesty coughs as an expectorant to clear the lungs and throat from phlegma. In the case of dry coughs, where mucus is more difficult to break, aliments such as aniseeds and almonds are very useful.

Aniseeds can be taken as a hot tisane, whereas almonds can be soaked and ground with sugar and butter into a fine paste. Basil is also very effective, drank as tea or even simply chewed.

Other useful recommendations for coughs are to drink plenty of water and take very hot and steamy showers that are fluidizers for mucus. Also, for those who smoke, it is essential to avoid doing so when having a cough and staying away from smoking areas.


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