Deep Sleep with Alpha MediPod

According to experts, the quality of sleep can be even more important than the number of hours we sleep. Our energy and productivity level during the day are vitally depending on getting enough sleep and thorough rest.

Furthermore, studies have proven that the so called “power nap” is highly beneficial for stress management and increased concentration because our bodies find deep regeneration from a 20 minutes sleep, ideally 8 hours after we wake up, when we have a natural “low”.

Daily activity rhythms, however, can easily cause accumulated stress and sleep deficit which can lead to a state of chronicle fatigue or insomnia. Improving the quality of our rest might actually sound an impossible achievement when having busy daily routines.

For this reason, it is definitely worth taking a look at this innovative product, the Alpha-Medi Pod. It is based on a “mind-body” programme which is designed to put us in a state of deep relaxation and comforting sleep just with a touch of a button.

With three different programmes, Power Nap, Deep Sleep and Relaxation, this match box designed pod could be the definitive solution for those with serious sleeping disorders but could also mean a dramatic improvement of life quality by giving you back all your energies and strength every time you wake up.


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  • Melissa Hughes says:

    Sleep is very important. I always end sleeping too little, especially when I’m stressed.

    The Deep Sleep mode sounds very appealing!



  • Serena Singh says:

    Yep, I agree that sleep is very important. For a woman I think it is of greater importance.