The Lowdown On Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl sulfate is a compound that many people believe is very good for fitness purposes...

It is a chemical compound that is composed of a vanadium atom, a sulfur atom, and five oxygen atoms.  It is usually present in hydrate form which means that when you take a close look at the molecular formula and the way in which the atoms are put together you will find that regardless of whether the substance is in a solid or liquid state there are going to be atoms of water present as well.

This rather unique chemical substance is thought to have a very heavy hand in terms of increasing the personal energy level of a person over the course of a short period of time.

It does this primarily by increasing the amount of blood sugar that a person currently has and in doing so allowing them to do more with what they currently have.  Such effects are normally temporary but the substance can also be tied to rehydration.

The presence of those water atoms has the ability to reenergize a person for a bit longer than a typical blood sugar increase would do on its own.  While such claims have not yet been verified by the FDA, it does appear to be a very promising substance for people interested in personal fitness.

While it is a natural substance, Vanadyl Sulfate very rarely occurs in nature.  The substance that you take in was most likely created in a laboratory through synthetic chemical reactions.


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