Conjugated Linoleic Acid Reduces Body Fat

This acid was actually discovered by Michael W. Pariza in 1978 by accident when he was searching for mutagen meat formations while cooking. CLA has had much research done on it and has been proven to reduce body fat, induce an optimum environment for cells to improve health, and even build muscle.

CLA naturally occurs in foods like beef, lamb, cheese, milk, and even in a lot of processed foods, Cheez Wiz in particular. However, getting enough of this fatty acid in your diet would require a major intake of these food types, which would mean that your metabolism would be seriously impacted. This is why they have CLA in pill form.

Performance nutrition experts were dismissing fats for many years with the assumption they didn’t really play a useful role, focusing on the energy-producing and protein-sparing effects from carbohydrates instead.

Now that there has been some research done on CLA, there have been more efficient and economical ways to give your body the required amount. The soft gel capsules allow your body to take a precise amount of CLA at time intervals so that you don’t have to eat such a high number of calories.

CLA doesn’t just reduce body fat and increase muscle mass though. This free fatty acid has also shown antioxidant, immune enhancement, and anti-catabolic benefits in studies. I guess you could say that CLA in capsules is like designer fats.


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  • Supplement says:

    Scientists estimate that our food supply once contained much higher levels of CLA before the arrival of modern agricultural and animal feeding methods.

  • Petra Galvan says:

    It does not truly matter if someone is not aware of this. after all that its up to other users to assist, so here it makes sense.