Your Weight & Life Expectancy

It’s not surprising to know that people who are extremely overweight (obese) and extremely underweight die earlier than people of normal weight but findings also show that people who are overweight or are carrying some extra pounds more than normal actually live longer than those who are of normal weight.

These are the findings that were published online by researchers which they entitled “Obesity”.

David Feeny, a PhD and coauthor of the said study said that it is quite a surprise to find out that those who are carrying a few extra pounds more actually have an advantage than normal weight people. He believes that perhaps the few extra pounds actually help the older people during the decline of their health but he does not advice people of normal weight to start gaining weight.

He also added that the study only looks at the mortality and not with the quality of life that person has. Obese people have negative health effects such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

In their study, they study the relationship of BMI and the death rate of over 11,000 Canadian adults over the span of 12 years. They noticed through the research that people who are extremely underweight have the highest risk of death and the second highest are the extremely obese people. The overweight people are less risked than normal weight people based on their 12-year study.


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  • Agree says:

    I agree that weight can influence our lifespan. An obese body puts more pressure on the organs in order to do simple things like climbing stairs, standing etc.