Using Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

A person under the state of hypnosis is often thought to be asleep or under full control of the hypnotherapist. But in reality, a person under hypnosis is actually fully aware of his conditions. He or she is simply in an advanced state of focus and concentration and the therapist have increased capacity of suggestion. Forget about magicians with pocket watches trying to control their subjects. Hypnotherapy is basically a method to increase one’s attention and focus.

The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it can be used for medical purposes. Among those is to help stop smoking permanently. Under the right hypnotherapist, a person can quit smoking after a few sessions. It’s even possible for someone to quit smoking after just one session especially if they go through intense hypnotherapy sessions.

The main advantage of hypnotherapy in dealing with smoking is that it doesn’t require any type of medication. It’s also the best therapy for many smokers because the only reason they can’t stop is that they don’t have any will power. Through hypnotherapy, they go through powerful suggestions that they should stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy is not only limited to one-on-one sessions. There are also CDs and DVDs that can act as a hypnotherapist. This is often the choice of busy people since they can’t find the time to visit a therapist. The option is also cost effective since it doesn’t require an actual interaction with a person. However seeing a hypnotherapist in person is likely to yield better results and stop you from smoking sooner.

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