Where To Get Tested For Covid-19 in London

It’s now possible to get a test for Covid-19 from a number of reputable clinics across London. Many people who get the disease don’t actually present with any symptoms – 40% in fact. This is one of the reasons testing is so important, allowing you to be fit to travel & to see vulnerable friends and family safely.

As the world is yet to recover, getting tested for coronavirus is becoming more important. Clinics are now offering PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab tests for Covid-19 and are considered the most accurate testing method for an active infection, with close to 100% accuracy.

A simple nose and throat swab will let you know if you have it. When it comes to immunity tests the picture is not as clear. So it’s important to remember that it’s not been proven how long immunity lasts in humans. We’ve put together a list of a few clinics in the UK capital that offers such tests. We judged them on the speed of results, variety of tests, price and add ons. At the time of writing, we have found the following:

Harley Street Health Centre (Harley Street) ⭐

Harley Street Health Centre was the most price competitive practice to get a test at the time of writing this article. It offers next day results, delivered to you personally by a doctor over the telephone. All possible tests are available including the pcr swab test, the antibody test and the home testing kit.

They also offer a fit to fly or work certificate for no extra charge when requested. Hence why they made the top of our list.

On the Harley Street Health Centre website, it is recommended that you take both the antibody test and the PCR test to ensure you can be certain of having developed immunity.

🕑 Speed of Results: Very fast

🧪 Types: PCR Swab test + Antibody Test + Home Testing Kit

➕ Add ons: Fit to Fly certificates, Back to Work certificates

💲   Price: Low

The London General Practice (Harley Street)

One of the main advantages of tests from The London General Practice is that they are available 24/7. Patients can choose to attend an immediate appointment for an antibody test and can dispatch same-day PCR tests direct to your home.

If you opt for the latter, you will also have a short video consultation prior to the test where you’ll be shown how to use it. Same-day results are available.

🕑 Speed of Results: Same day

🧪 Types: PCR Swab Home Test + Antibody Test

➕ Add ons: Fit to Fly certificates, Back to Work certificates

💲   Price: High

HealthClic (Mayfair)

Mayfair-based HeathClic offer both the PCR test and the antibody test. If you’re a HealthClic member, you will be offered a free consultation with the doctor. Patients will be followed up to ensure symptoms are being relived and results are then shared with Public Health England.

🕑 Speed of Results: Fast

🧪 Types: PCR Swab test + Antibody Test + Home Testing

➕ Add ons: Free consultation for HealthClic members

💲   Price: N/A

The Harrow Health Care Centre (Harrow)

The Harrow Health Care Centre offers the PCR test, which you can have posted to you, collect from the centre or have carried out by a healthcare professional at the centre. Their website cites that results may take a little longer to send through as they have been “inundated with requests for this test”. The normal turnaround time is 48 hours.

🕑 Speed of Results: Fast

🧪 Types: PCR Test + Antibody Test

➕ Add ons: Fit to Fly certificates, Back to Work certificates

💲   Price: Low

Doc Tap (Various locations)

Clinic locations include Bank, Liverpool Street, Victoria, Hammersmith, London Bridge, Clapham Junction, High Street Kensington and Kings Cross. The downside is that results take longer to come back than the other clinics on our list – you can expect to receive them within 70 hours.

Whilst Doc Tap don’t offer in-clinic testing, their take-home test is one of the cheaper ones in the London area – the total cost of the test and a fitness to travel certificate is £129.

🕑 Speed of Results: Slow

🧪 Types: PCR Swab Take-Home Test + Antibody Test

➕ Add ons: Fit to Fly certificates

💲   Price: Medium



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