How To Prevent Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the biggest reasons why a male can’t really get things done fast. With this pain, the ability to move freely and exert any effort is diminished.

Even if you’re just in an office without any requirement of extreme physical effort lower back pain could affect your concentration and eventually, your productivity. This is caused by the decrease of the ability of your lower back muscles to handle such strains.

But increasing the strength of your lower back muscles is actually not the answer. A strong lower back muscle could address part of the problem but continuous movement will still take its toll in your muscles.

The answer to the prevention of lower back pain is not on strength but on endurance. Your muscles should have the ability to withstand different weights and force applied to your lower back. By increasing endurance, you will also increase your muscle strength as you slowly exercise your muscles.

Prevention of lower back pain is actually a very simple activity. The trick in preventing lower back pain through increased endurance is to constantly move your body.

When you’re in the office, try different sitting position which will require you to move your hips a little bit. Every hour or two; stand up and stretch your hands up while your feet a foot apart and breathing deeply.

But there’s just one requirement if you want your lower back pain problem to be permanently avoided. The above-mentioned exercises should be done every day without any exception. These are very simple exercises, so you should be able to do them without going to the gym constantly.


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