Fighting prostate cancer

If there is one thing that men have to worry about as they get older, it's prostate cancer. Apart from visits to the doctor there are some home remedies that men can use to help fight off this bad disease. Of course, these home remedies should be included with a good diet, as well as regular exercise to get the maximum affect.

The first way is to make sure you eat your fish. Not only does fish help to fight off prostate cancer, but it can help stop the growth of a tumour. It is a good idea to get about 2 servings of fish a week. They are high in omega 3 oils. Remember that tuna, salmon, and even mackerel counts as your serving of fish.

Although most men do not like to eat this next product, it works great! Soy is a product that contains phytoestrogen. This is something that is thought to help reduce the amount of testosterone your body makes.

Not only that, but it’s able to help stop prostate cancer growth. Most of this is due to the fact that phytoestorgen is thought to limit the growth of certain blood capillaries around tumours that could be around the prostate.

Last, but not least, tomatoes! Many studies have shown that men who eat as little as 2 servings of tomatoes, and this includes cooked tomatoes, every week can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by half! This is because tomatoes are full of an antioxidant called lycopene. This helps fight all kinds of cancers. So grab yourself a tomato. It’s good for you!


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    Had no idea that fish is good to fight this disease.

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