The Importance Of Health Check-Ups For Men

Men are usually stubborn when it comes to medical check-ups. But the fact is, men might need more medical checks than women do...

Consider the data:

  • life expectancy in males is less than in females by seven years
  • prostate cancer is as common in males (like breast cancer in females)
  • men are more likely to die of heart-related disease compared to women
  • men have a higher chance of dying from cancer

These facts alone should make men realize the need for a preventive check-up. Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. Men postpone seeing a doctor. By the time they see the doctor, it might be too late for the doctor to do anything.

So when and what type of check-ups should men have? The formula is actually very simple: the older a man gets, the more check-up he needs. But there are three age checkpoints that males should consider as a sign of the frequency of check-ups.

Men aged between 18-39 will only need an annual dental check-up. Other exams, such as a complete physical exam could be obtained only within two to three years. When a man reaches 40 years old, he should be checked annually for cancer and dental while everything else could be administered for two to three years.

This could continue until he reaches 65 wherein dental, cancer, and physical check-up should be administered annually. Other check-ups such as urine and stool testing could be done once in two or three years.



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