Coronavirus advice for pregnant women

Dr. Larisa Corda is a fertility expert and leading NHS doctor with multiple TV appearances giving information for pregnant women about the Covid-19 crisis in the UK.

Watch the video below, where Dr. Larisa explains how the coronavirus affects pregnant women and what they need to do to protect themselves and their babies. We have summarised some of the main points:

  • All pregnant women should isolate for 12 weeks
  • Pregnant women are a high-risk group
  • Staying at home is the best solution for a pregnancy
  • Get in touch via phone, rather than going to the hospital
  • If you do go to the hospital, go alone
  • If anyone at home has it, you have to isolate but also protect yourself from them
  • A small number of reported issues with the coronavirus and pregnancies exist
  • Most information is reassuring, most women seem to stay healthy
  • Babies born from mothers suffering coronavirus are fine
  • Breast milk does not carry the virus
  • If you are ill, you need to deliver in a hospital ward, so you can be monitored


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  • Amber says:

    Great tips during these tough times, my sister is now 8 months pregnant, nearly at baby day 🙂
    Ill get these tips over to her, she’ll appreciate them