Pregnant Mothers Can Boost Their Baby’s IQ

Research under the American Psychologists suggests that the mothers who are exercising regularly during their pregnancy actually help in boosting the IQ of their child.

The author, Richard Nisbett, for the book “Intelligence and How to Get It” wanted to test the saying that 80% of the intelligence is genetic. He wanted to make an argument that the role of mothers is far more important than the role of the fathers in their influence on the intelligence of their children.

Findings show that the children of mothers who exercise 30 minutes a day get much better scores in their IQ tests. They are 8 points higher compared to children whose mothers did not exercise during pregnancy.

This is because we used to encourage mothers not to do any sort of exercise during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of their pregnancy. Research has now disproved this and suggests that exercise with light weights and a bit of stretching and some running is actually more beneficial for the baby.

Nisbett also added that when a mother is exercising her large muscle groups she is actually increasing the neuron growth and the brain’s blood supply is increased therefore the IQ is raised. If you combine this with breastfeeding then IQ increases by 14 points on average.

There are other tips on how to increase the child’s IQ while still in the womb. There’s nothing wrong with trying this out as long as you don’t overdo your exercise. Just remember, once you start to feel a tiny bit of pain you must stop right away.


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