The Right Birth Control Method

Every woman should be aware of the different birth control methods. These methods were specifically created to cater to different lifestyles and varying physical conditions. For that reason, no single birth control method is perfect for everyone. Each birth control method has advantages and disadvantages.

The Natural Birth Control Method

A popular method for birth control is to follow the natural menstrual cycle of the female which will indicate the dates of her fertility. This is probably the oldest form of birth control which is also the safest because it does not have any side effects. However, natural birth control does not provide efficiency compared to artificial birth control. Natural birth control is also not applicable for women who have irregular menstrual cycles.

Over-the-counter  Methods

Condoms and pills are very popular nowadays because they can be easily obtained without any doctor’s prescription.

These methods usually block the sperm from reaching the fertilized egg thus preventing pregnancy. They are usually inexpensive but since they do not have doctor’s prescriptions, side effects should be expected.

Doctor’s Advice

There are birth control methods that could be recommended by doctors. Injected birth controls are methods administered by doctors and a single injection could last up to three months. There are also pills (mainly for hormone control) that could only be used with the recommendation of doctors. These could be expensive but generally safe since tests are conducted before any of the birth control methods are administered.

As much as possible, visit your doctor before using any artificial birth control methods. Through their assistance, you should be able to select a birth control method properly with fewer side effects to the body.


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