Tips for exercising during pregnancy

Pregnancy places a lot of physical stress on a woman’s body through the nine months she is carrying the child. Any activity she does will have a significant effect on the baby and any wrongdoings could cause permanent damage to the kid’s mental and physical standing.

For this reason, any activities including exercises should be done with caution.

Starting Slow

One of the best ways to easily deal with exercises while pregnant is to start slow. Even if you’re just in your first trimester, pushing yourself to work hard can be dangerous to your body and the baby. Once the routines get a little tough, stop and perform slower exercises.

Slow Stretching

A very popular exercise regimen during pregnancy is yoga. Its popularity is not only based on its ability to push people to workout with less force but also on stretching. Giving birth is a very excruciating experience and although stretching will not completely remove the pain, having a flexible body can help while giving birth.

Avoid Back Exercises & Focus on Upper Body

Back exercises are very dangerous during pregnancy especially on the first trimester since it could block blood flow. Focus on the upper body as this should be good enough to keep you and your baby healthy.

Advantage of Exercise for the Baby

Recent studies suggest that exercises during pregnancy could have a significant positive effect on the cardiac health of babies. Although the mother and the baby do not share internal parts, babies also experience the mother’s hormones while she is exercising which influences both of their conditions.


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